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Gritty Concierge Service
Let us help you hire top talent.
PA​,​ PM
MichelleMichelle Dutchen.Baldwin
Music Reviews and Interviews
KananKanan Nagel. Ventura
Events Staff
KananKanan Nagel. Ventura
Event Assistant
MabelMabel Radel.Los Angeles
Event Planner​/​Creative
MiaMia Marquez. Los Angeles
Written Press Releases and Articles
KarinaKarina Aguirre-Arizmendi. Los Angeles
VIP Assistant
NikitaNikita Batra.Philadelphia
CaitlinCaitlin Welch.San Carlos
LalaLaura Garay. Los Angeles
Stage Design
BrittanyBrittany Min. West Hollywood
Tour Manager
JenJen Fodor.Los Angeles
Label Manager | Artist Manager
MarMar Sellars.Los Angeles
LaurenLauren Glaser.Philadelphia
Event Merch Sales and Management
AllysonAllyson Grossa.Los Angeles
Production Designer
AartiAarti Patel.Los Angeles
Product and Project Management
JennaJenna Spangenberg.Los Angeles