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Hi I'm Beverly, the founder of sapphic gift shop SapphicSpace.com and all around music lover. After learning how to make all my own products from garment printing to 3D printing to unique branded products and wearable tech- I decided to offer these skills to others! 

I've worked with local artists such as Boi Xochi, Darvishi, Jly, and Funk Soup as well as brands such as Easy Tomorrow for their Coachella activation. My passion is to bring strategic and unique products- more than just the t shirt and sticker standard. I'm into playful placements of artwork and interactive builds that fit the creative's vibe. For example, I did sunglasses and pool floatise for Boi Xochi right next to their sweatpants and crop top set. I did custom purse hooks for Jly's single "Hold my Purse." One of my best selling products is a coat hook of my own hand, which is a technique that can translate into things like custom record holders or mic stands.

My services include strategy to find a unique spin on merch, pricing and sourcing guidence with the option to use queer and other minority vendors or my in house production systems.

I can develop designs from anything from creatively directing artwork to doing full on 3D scans to be incorporated into products.


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  • Asian
  • Black
  • Indigenous
  • Hispanic / Latina
  • Queer
  • POC


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    Merch Strategy

    Merch Strategy

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