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Gritty Concierge Service
Let us help you hire top talent.
PA​,​ PM
MichelleMichelle Dutchen.Baldwin
Music Reviews and Interviews
KananKanan Nagel. Ventura
Events Staff
KananKanan Nagel. Ventura
Event Assistant
MabelMabel Radel.Los Angeles
Event Planner​/​Creative
MiaMia Marquez. Los Angeles
Written Press Releases and Articles
KarinaKarina Aguirre-Arizmendi. Los Angeles
VIP Assistant
NikitaNikita Batra.Philadelphia
CaitlinCaitlin Welch.San Carlos
LalaLaura Garay. Los Angeles
Stage Design
BrittanyBrittany Min. West Hollywood
Tour Manager
JenJen Fodor.Los Angeles
Label Manager | Artist Manager
MarMar Sellars.Los Angeles
LaurenLauren Glaser.Philadelphia
Event Merch Sales and Management
AllysonAllyson Grossa.Los Angeles
Production Designer
AartiAarti Patel.Los Angeles
Product and Project Management
JennaJenna Spangenberg.Los Angeles
Gritty Concierge Service
GrittyGritty In Pink.Los Angeles