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Nicky Markin, the driving force behind indie-pop duo Midnite Gossip , epitomizes the transformative power of choosing passion and purpose over convention. Her story is one of resilience: from corporate professional to a beacon of creative and entrepreneurial spirit. Overcoming burnout and long-term disability, she emerged with an MBA and a promise to pursue her true calling in music, a vow that birthed the "pretty but gritty" sound of Midnite Gossip co-created with Mickey Valenz.


Today, Nicky is not just following her passion of making music. She is also empowering fellow indie artists as a music business coach with The Indie MBA. Nicky extends her transformational impact, coaching artists to harmonize artistry with strategy. With celebrated performances and impactful coaching, she's a testament to continuous learning and growth, inspiring many to navigate the harmonious blend of life's artistry and strategy.

Nicky's superpower lies in her ability to transform personal trials into powerful lessons for both herself and those embarking on their own creative quests. Her mission, as it takes shape, is to offer tailored mentorship that aligns the individuality of each artist with solid, practical business strategies — a blend of the esoteric and the concrete.


The Indie MBA


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