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Gritty Concierge Service
Let us help you hire top talent.
KailaKaila Turck. Sauk Rapids
KailaKaila Turck. Sauk Rapids
Guitar Services (Live or Studio)
TaylorTaylor Taylor. North Hollywood
Event Assistant
MabelMabel Radel.Los Angeles
Concert Photography
FranieFranie Rojas.Rexburg
Emo and Pop Punk DJ Set
BarbaraBarbara Szabo. Los Angeles
Femme-Powered Hardcore Punk Band
BRUDEBRUDE Hardcore Band. Valley Village
Multi-instrumentalist Available for Hire
RockyRocky Rose Music. Los Angeles
Kelly Green
KellyKelly Green.Salt Lake City
Session Drummer Available
EvaEva Friedman.Los Angeles
Live Drummer
EvaEva Friedman.Los Angeles
social media management
genesisgenesis rivera.Atlanta
Event Planner​/​Creative
MiaMia Marquez. Los Angeles
Concert Photography
LaurenLauren Elizabeth Campbell.Los Angeles
Digital Marketer
JennaJenna Elmasry. South Plainfield
Singer-Songwriter | Producer
LanitaLanita Smith.Van Nuys
Social Media Management
KananKanan Nagel.Ventura
Written Press Releases and Articles
KarinaKarina Aguirre-Arizmendi. Los Angeles