Amy Stargher is a singer, musician, actor, model, designer, photographer. She was born in Rio de Janeiro, also known as Samba City, due to it’s popularity as a destination for Samba music. Despite that, Amy was raised in a household listening to rock, begun her music venture at the age of 16 and studied Filming where she was able to write, direct and produce and be involved more with TV, Radio and Cinema. Through her upbringing, she always found new ways to express herself using some form of art. “She looks like art, and art is not supposed to look nice; it is supposed to make you feel something.” Amy is sponsored by Samash Music, Steve Clayton Custom & BASN Audio. To learn more about Amy, visit one of her projects below, from her entertainment company and online store to her alternative rock band. Stargher Art: Band: Dirty Meow Store:



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