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Brianne is the house sound tech for Gritty In Pink pop up events, and works for local venues in Hollywood and the LA area. Services offered range from live sound set up and operation of show to multitrack recording (Pro Tools/Tracks Live), camera audio, and streaming audio broadcast. Rates vary depending on production needs. View some of my live work on my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bribearstare/channel/


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Listing reviews (3)

  • Shira

    Thanks so much, sounded great overall!

    Shira YJuly 2021

  • Gritty

    Bri is an awesome sound tech and pleasure to work with!

    Gritty In PinkApril 2022

  • Gritty

    Thank you Bri for going above and beyond always!

    Gritty In PinkSeptember 2022

Live Sound Audio

Live Sound Audio

From $25.00/ daily