Shira Yevin is an Entrepreneur, Artist, Activist, and Founder of Gritty In Pink. Shira studied Communications and Theatre Arts at the University of Pennsylvania. She’s been a featured speaker at SXSW and featured in Billboard, Alternative Press, NPR, The New York Times, and the Forbes Books pod. After forming her all-female band Shiragirl, Shira became known for advocating for women in male-dominated spaces; Shira and her band crashed the Vans Warped Tour and created the Shiragirl Stage for female artists, which hosted 300+ artists including the rock icon Joan Jett. While touring the country playing music, Shira grew a career in the beverage industry, doing marketing and sales for iconic brands from Pabst Blue Ribbon to startups such as Owl’s Brew and Bev. In January 2020, Yevin launched a new female-led platform to empower women within the music industry, called Gritty In Pink. With the mission to achieve gender equality in the music industry, Gritty In Pink has featured 200+ emerging artists with a collective following of 5M on IG and 13M on Tiktok. The platform has partnered with 20+ brands and charities, including Fender and ACLU, having raised thousands of dollars for charities with their Instagram Live fundraisers. The Gritty In Pink community continues to grow, as they are set to launch their new online marketplace INPINK, connecting women working in all aspects of the music business with industry pros who want to hire diverse women. Most recently, the company was accepted into the Long Beach Accelerator, which invests in growing startups


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Reviews from buyers (3)

  • Gritty

    Branding Guru!

    Gritty In PinkJuly 2022

  • Gritty

    Gritty vibes to the max! Go Shiragirl!

    Gritty In PinkJuly 2022

  • MM

    AWESOME! Thanks so much Shira, I'll hit you back on email. Glad the session worked out with Ed!

    Michael MSeptember 2022

Reviews from sellers (22)

  • Aixa

    Always a pleasure to play some Sublime songs with Shira and the gang!

    Aixa VFebruary 2024

  • Alex

    Always a joy to share the stage with!!

    Alex WFebruary 2024

  • Samantha

    Wonderful as always! Thank you so much!

    Samantha CFebruary 2023

  • Vashonda

    Amazing time working with Shira

    Vashonda SJanuary 2023

  • Samantha

    Wonderful as always, see you again soon!

    Samantha CJanuary 2023

  • Lisa

    Great to work with!

    Lisa BiancoJanuary 2023

  • Samantha

    Always wonderful, thank you so much!

    Samantha CJanuary 2023

  • BodaciousThang

    Gritty is always lit!

    BodaciousThang MJuly 2021

  • Samantha

    Shira is wonderful, thank you for letting me do you makeup and hair!!

    Samantha CMarch 2022

  • Vanessa

    Thank you babe!!! I appreciate you!

    Vanessa KOctober 2021

  • Constance

    Shiras the most fun person to play with! What a bad ass!

    Constance DJuly 2022

  • Alex


    Alex WOctober 2021

  • Vanessa

    Thank you Shira! :D

    Vanessa KSeptember 2021

  • Andrea

    Everything went smooth! Thanks to Shira Again!

    Andrea ASeptember 2022

  • Brianne

    Shira is an absolute professional and I'm glad to have been able to work with her!

    Brianne DMarch 2022

  • Sabrina

    Shira is the best leader gritty will ever have!

    Sabrina WJuly 2021

  • Tracy

    Shira is such an amazing talent/bad ass to work with. She's fun, vibrant, and extrude great energy. I loved working with her and her MUA Taylor. Thank you so much for connecting with me on a whim and creating some art with me. It was an absolute pleasure!

    Tracy HSeptember 2022

  • Raine

    Shira is the best!

    Raine PJuly 2022

  • Mia

    Everything went smoothly! Always awesome working with Shira!

    Mia FluxXxJuly 2021

  • Samantha

    Shira is wonderful, thank you for letting me do you makeup and hair!!

    Samantha CMarch 2022

  • Vanessa

    Thanks so much!

    Vanessa KDecember 2021

  • Nortographyatl

    The event was amazing and Shira was such a professional.

    Nortographyatl September 2022