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Rent a full service karaoke with: - Online song database with online song request system (for more info read below). - DJ and KJ for one price! (If no one sings​,​ music is still playing​,​ all types of genre depending on the vibe). - Flat fee service for your event for unlimited songs​,​ no one needs to pay extra for each song! - We create high quality artwork​,​ no extra fees! Cross promoting on all social media. - We bring ALL the equipment needed for small or large scale venue (more info below). Currently we are the only Karaoke business with an online song request system​,​ which allows the patrons to send their song selection directly from their seat using their mobile device​,​ something that is receiving amazing positive feedback from all parties. Loud environment​,​ not easily accessible location to the DJ​,​ whatever the case​,​ everyone is able to send their song within seconds​,​ thank to our online system! Our website has an online database updated regularly​,​ which users can browse easily​,​ with thousands of old and new songs​,​ English​,​ Spanish​,​ Portuguese as well as other languages! Off course​,​ we still have printed books in case someone needs to search for their song in the more traditional way. Our social media is always updated​,​ keeps you informed with all our upcoming events with detailed information about all our venues. Our DJ​/​KJ​/​VJ team​,​ with a state of the art laptops and mixers​,​ wireless mics​,​ portable lyric-monitors (able to use in-house TVs if available)​,​ disco party lights and powered speakers (able to use in-house sound system if available)​,​ complements your karaoke experience and provides audio​,​ video and light coverage for private or commercial events​,​ in small and large venues. Last but not least​,​ your KJ is also a DJ so no need to worry about what happens when people are not singing​,​ music will keep playing no matter what! *We also offer recordings of your karaoke performances​,​ don’t forget to ask your KJ for details! Website: www.StargherArt.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z91aL4-0K58 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueYEavBO9yA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSoWmYxkews


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    Karaoke DJ

    Karaoke DJ

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