24y.o killer guitar player, with a wide range of styles from shredding to soulful ballads. Based in Los Angeles.

Hi, i'm Liza!

I'm a session guitar player with years of experience in both studio work and performing in Rock, Jazz, RnB, Pop, Funk.

I had a pleasure working with great artists, such as Julia Wolf, Amber Ryann, Anna Trincher, Rachel Rose, Jonathan Sanford, Lord Troy, Alta Ave, Joey Salinas, LEADR, Tonii, Rasha Jay, Lina Cooper, XNK and many more!

Played at many festivals, including ACL '23, NAMM '23 and '24, Phoenix Pride.

Done studio work at Spotify, Fonogenic Studios, Jonathan Sandord Studio, Melrose Recording Studio, Pretty Face Recording Studio and many more.

I have multiple electric and acoustic guitars, (including endorsement with Cream Guitars and Grzenia Guitars) with a very versatile gear set up, which allows me to find the right individual tone based on your needs!

I am comfortable with playing with click and tracks, as well as singing background vocals.

I would be more than happy to help you realize all your music ideas and create a bit of a magic together!


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