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You're all-in-1 Gal is ME!

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About You're all-in-1 Gal is ME!

I sing, I write, I record, I perform.

Look no further, you've found more than what you'd hoped for.

Hi. My name is Alta. Some call me Dez because, well, it's a lot easier to say than Alta. I've been singing a since I could make sounds. My dad is a fantastic musician, as is his whole side of my family. It was easy to fall into and I can't seem to shake the habit. I'm offering live performances or recordings. I think each and every job is unique and would require a unique pay agreement, so, that's what I'll do for now. The minimum is listed on the ad. I am mobile, I have wheels, I have a mic, I have access to a studio to record (for an additional charge; 1-2 hr sessions). If you are not sure if I can do what you need, just ask. I am likely available and have the skillset. Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to book me!



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  • Alternative / Indie
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  • Asian
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  • Indigenous
  • Hispanic / Latina
  • Queer
  • POC


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    You're all-in-1 Gal is ME!

    You're all-in-1 Gal is ME!

    $100.00 to $10,000.00 / flat