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The Zebra House

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About The Zebra House

Hello! My name is Ann Marie Keene, proud creator of The Zebra House, an extraordinary and vibrant location for musicians to use for their creative projects, videography and photography. Located in St. Paul, MN, The Zebra House is not only a visually stunning and eclectic venue located on a gorgeous lake, but we also have a collection of vintage motorcycles and cars that can serve as distinctive props and backdrops for musicians and artists. Our location boasts a distinctive aesthetic with its bold and colorful interior, unique decor, and artistic ambiance. We believe that The Zebra House would be a valuable option for musicians, as it provides an inspiring and captivating setting that can elevate the quality of music videos, photoshoots, and other visual content. We are committed to providing a safe and professional environment for musicians and artists to bring their creative visions to life. We look forward to the possibility of partnering with you to offer our location as a unique and unforgettable setting for musicians and artists. With Gratitude, Ann Marie Keene



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    The Zebra House

    The Zebra House

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