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About Tay | Bassist For Hire

Hi, my name is Tay (they/them). I am a Los Angeles based bassist for hire. I have worked with the following artists: Softcult, LØLØ, Scene Queen, Honey Revenge, and Doll Skin. I have done national and international touring for over 3+ years. I am a Hartke and Reverend endorsed artist.

Live Credits:

Doll Skin: Slam Dunk, Hot Milk (US + UK legs), Anti-Flag, Anti-Fest, Bad Cop / Bad Cop, 8123 Fest, headliner, Escape The Fest, Less Than Jake, and Bowling For Soup.

Scene Queen: Bimbocore release party and her ‘18+’ music video.

Softcult: Teenage Wrists, Destroy Boys, and Pinkshift.

LØLØ: Hoodie Allen.

Honey Revenge: The Used, The Home Team, Broadside, Loveless, Arrows In Action, Leah Kate, Beauty School Dropout, State Champs, Eidola, and Rain City Drive.


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  • Alternative / Indie
  • Country
  • Electronic
  • Hiphop / Rap
  • Pop
  • R&B / Soul
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  • Asian
  • Black
  • Indigenous
  • Hispanic / Latina
  • Queer
  • POC


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    Tay | Bassist For Hire

    Tay | Bassist For Hire

    $100.00 to $500.00 / daily