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Classically trained in Opera but forever in love with Rock! Well-established vocalist who's worked with legendary musicians Cliff Hugo (Supertramp)​,​ Julian Beeston (Nitzer Ebb​,​ Bob Marley​,​ Billy Idol​,​ Cubanate)​,​ Gary Mallaber (Steve Miller Band)​,​ Carlos Bernier (Pure Hell​,​ Kamakaze)​,​ Linda Hopkins​,​ indie rappers​,​ Dj's​,​ & commercial brands just to name a few. 4 octave vocal range. Lead as well as backing vox & harmonies written on the spot. Genres​/​Specialties: Soundalikes​,​ Rock​,​ Opera​,​ Pop​,​ Jazz​,​ Soul​,​ Funk​,​ Blues​,​ Indie​,​ EDM​,​ EBM​,​ Hip-hop​,​ Samba​,​ World Music​,​ Alternative​,​ Industrial​,​ Punk​,​ & everything in-between. If you need soulful​,​ powerhouse vocals that cut through the mix & drive that hook home​,​ sultry whispered Billie Eilish-esque Pop runs with raw emotion​,​ Operatic chanting in Latin for a horror film​,​ something ethereal​/​abstract​/​screamy like Grimes​,​ or something completely new- I'm your girl. Let's talk! SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/miafluxxx INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/fluxxerzz SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4z51oxU3GpdE4Jt6raSX25?si=a2xQ1tVdQkWHGzUo40jdqg&utm_source=copy-link&dl_branch=1 YOUTUBE:



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  • Shira

    you're awesome!

    Shira YJuly 2021

Pro Session Vocals

Pro Session Vocals

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