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Please Her will make your show a Certified Banger

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About Please Her will make your show a Certified Banger

It’s the exciting new cult sweeping the nation! Amidst the corn-ridden hellpit that is Indiana​,​ lies a college town band on a mission to transform the college-town basements of the midwest into a sacred zone of fun​,​ community​,​ and surprise. What entails is a chaotic masterpiece. As college students at a Big 10 school​,​ the band balances writing​,​ performing​,​ recording on the weekends​,​ then taking notes in Applied Statistics early Monday morning. Regimented as it may seem​,​ this juxtaposition means they refuse to take themselves too seriously. Their original tunes are lighthearted​,​ spicy​,​ and funky; lyrically covering all ends of simpin' to pimpin' spectrum. Intricately mixing seventies lay-you-down soul with guitar-driven indie riffs​,​ Please Her songs are dancy​,​ gritty​,​ and hilarious (in a hot way). From the perils of midwestern living​,​ to trying to pass Calculus II​,​ their discography sits in a world of satirical relatability. A Please Her name on the lineup usually means showgoers will leave feeling inspired​,​ excited​,​ and a little bit weirded out. In the few​,​ parting​,​ intimate moments of playtime​,​ Please Her fans find themselves singing​,​ dancing​,​ interacting with the band​,​ and worshiping a scorpion. Their sets boast energetic​,​ sing-along covers​,​ skits​,​ and their magnetic originals. Ensuring the basement will never be the same​,​ Please Her fosters a musical experience to remember. Welcome to church. In Please Her's name​,​ Amen.



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  • Arielle

    Sarah is SO COOL

    Arielle LNovember 2022

Please Her will make your show a Certified Banger

Please Her will make your show a Certified Banger

$250.00 to $250.00 / flat