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Edgy Illustrations by emmelene

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Hi! Here are some examples of my design work. I definitely have an edgier style and I am very influenced by my favorite music and skateboarders, as well as my own emotions. I have briefly described each image in order down below along with what medium I used. Thank you so much for the opportunity to apply for such a cool experience! P.S. I used to have this funky little karaoke machine that had “I Love Rock ‘N Roll” on it and I sang it over and over so many times that I would dream about it. I was about 8 years old. I don’t know if that counts for anything but I think it’s funny. Thank you again! :) 1. This is an intaglio print that I am currently working on for class. I have dubbed him “Punk Croc.” It is still a work in progress, but I wanted to include it! Dry point print. 2. A fake show flyer I designed for bands that do not exist. I just love experiment with effects in my free time. Digital. 3. This is a flyer for the first skateboarding meetup I arranged in my town for women and non-binary people. I went around in the freezing weather pasting these up on light poles and buildings. Masking tape, charcoal pencil, and torn up pages of a notebook. 4. A poster about one of my favorite skateboarders, Momiji Nishiya. She was the first female skater to win the Olympic Gold metal! Colored pencils. 5. My final piece for a 2D design class my freshman year of college. It is about the corporatization (is that a word?) of music venues in Nashville, my hometown. Original gouache painting scanned and altered digitally. 6. I made this one using images of myself. It represents growing up and how your appearance changes so drastically from when you were young. Digital. 7. This is a design about Joan of Arc. I used scanned imagery and text from a books about her that I found in my local library. Digital photo manipulation and effects. 8. This design is inspired by the play “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.” Ink drawing. 9. I made this drawing during my first year of college when I was very lost and alone. I think that shows with the macabre imagery I chose. Ink drawing. 10. I took this image at a local punk show. I added some texture to it as I really wanted to capture the chaos of the scene. Digital photography.


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    Edgy Illustrations by emmelene

    Edgy Illustrations by emmelene

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