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Album​/​ merch ​/​ logo art

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About Album​/​ merch ​/​ logo art

In addition to radio and music, I also do art on the side through my small business Buffalo in Love Designs. I've created album, logo, and merchandise designs for several artists, the latest of which was the cover of the EP was it always this easy? by Letter To Elise.

My style is mostly cartoonish, you can see more examples of my work over at instagram.com/buffaloinlove.
For album/merch/logo art I prefer to work digitally, so you will receive .png and .pdf files when the project is completed. I always show the client a draft of the design before creating the final piece.

Depending on the complexity of the design, I'm usually able to finish in 1-2 weeks.


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    Album​/​ merch ​/​ logo art

    Album​/​ merch ​/​ logo art

    $100.00 to $500.00 / hourly