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With over 40 years of experience in production, I'm highly capable of handling music videos and behind-the-scenes stories. Check out the Sarah Smith's music video I produced, Sarah Smith who was also chosen to play for Melissa Etheridge's Bahamas cruise. I assume this is why so many people sent me this Gritty in Pink and insisted I sign up.

I have a deep passion for music videos, they encompass everything I love about production: creativity, movement, art, music, poetry, words, song, storytelling, abstract juxtaposition, allurement, ugliness, beauty, love, pain, weirdness, intimacy, purpose, emotion and collaboration. All of it! I'm not a 'Videographer' when I hear those words, it's like listening to someone scratching their fingernails on a chalkboard. I'm a filmmaker, photographer and poet. If you want a director to dive deep into a song and come out with the collaboration a work of art, I'm your girl. However, I have to love a song and mutual love for an artist before I will work with them on a shared vision.

You can see the variety of services I provide at www.playback.net since I've been in the business with hundreds of clients over 40 years. I can take a project to next level. My day job is doing videos almost every day for clients.

I also created a behind-the-scenes video about how we produced 'Into the Light,' so you can see me in action. It went on to win 11 awards and gained worldwide recognition: "Behind The Light: Mashup Documentary" trailer below.
Music Video:

Sarah Smith - Into The Light (Directed by Stacy Poulos)


Sarah Smith - The Stars

Behind The Light Trailer; A Mashup Documentary
Irene Marteniz 'I will Remember You'

My day job involves working on corporate and small business videos, as well as providing media services such as advertising, print, social media and photography.
My first success story with Eden Hospital


Same Day Crown Prints In The Office! Cosmetic Dental Spa





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    Music Video Production

    Music Video Production

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