As the Executive Vice President of Rare Gold Music Group (RGMG), I'm driven by a deep-seated passion for nurturing talent and fostering artistic development. With my extensive background as Head of A&R and Artist Development, I've refined the skill of identifying and nurturing emerging artists, guiding them toward success in the competitive music industry. Moreover, I've spearheaded numerous tours and PR initiatives that have propelled mainstream artists to success, enhancing their visibility and exposure.

Beyond the realm of music, I take pride in being the owner of STEM Fashion, a pioneering brand committed to blending style and sustainability, showcased at Additionally, as Co-Owner of Made By Bae Productions (MBB), we specialize in videography and crafting creative content, spanning from short films to music videos and commercials.

My diverse career encompasses successful endeavors as a published model, where I've garnered experience on runways and in promotional campaigns, further enriched by my tenure with Diamond Class Agency and my role as a cast member on the reality show 'Models and The City.'

In addition to these roles, I serve as the artist manager for the esteemed global artist, producer, and engineer, Only1 Theory. My dedication lies in fostering meaningful connections and collaborations that elevate the creative landscape, striving for a more sustainable and equitable future for all creators.


Rare Gold Music Group


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