New York based Miriam Waks made her performing debut at the tender age of 10 singing solo at the Sydney Opera House. Since that time she has developed into a highly original artist and vibrant performer who sings in 17 languages and a plethora of musical styles. She has performed at venues and residencies across the globe including New York, Buenos Aires, France, Cuba, Edinburgh, London, Italy, Brussels, India, Macau, Hong Kong & Australia.

In 2023 Miriam recieved a Masters (MA) in Songwriting & Music Production. She now performs and releases her self-produced original under the new artist name kol isha. In Hebrew, kol isha means "a woman's voice". Miriam has chosen this artist name as a symbolic rebirth. It is a statement and celebration of finding her true voice as an artist and woman, simultaneously honouring her Jewish heritage while critiquing elements of its politics, practices, and traditions. These songs explore issues close to her heart, including: spirituality, mythology, feminism, sex, technology, religion, and climate change. kol isha's music is genre-defying, and incorporates a range of musical styles including: EDM, pop, world, experimental, blues, hip-hop, and new-age.  




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