My name is Chris-Teena Constas;
I’m a professional film worker, a documentary filmmaker, and a lifelong Melissa Etheridge fan.

Professionally, I have been in media production my entire adult career. From commercials, to blockbuster films, television, indie projects, and music videos, I’ve risen through the ranks of the art department, location management, and transportation. I’ve broken a few glass ceilings and I’m proud of my career.

I am the second female in the history of Hollywood to hold the position of Transportation Captain and also the first queer women to hold that title. I work with passion and love no matter the budget or position. Currently, I am working on the hit TV show ‘The Bear’, filming in Chicago.

While the majority of my production credits are as a location manager, I have also produced and directed my own projects. For more than 26 years, I have spent most of my non-working hours filming local musicians pro-bono. I have traveled coast to coast more times than I can count, and shot thousands of hours of footage to promote and showcase artists that I felt deserved more exposure. Music inspires me, and I love helping artists dream big and share their passion with the world.

As it turns out, capturing footage of musicians to help tell their story set me up well to be able to tell my own story too. My hobby of continually filming my life eventually evolved into a documentary: Jane of All Trades is a story about the rise and fall of the Michigan film industry, and was selected and featured at film festivals.

I am also a lifelong Melissa Etheridge fan, and have seen you in concert countless times over many decades. I first fell in love with your music when your debut album was released, and ‘Like The Way I Do’ became a huge hit in Greece. I am sure that I’m not the first to tell you that from October 9th 1988, until TODAY, there is seldom a cafe or bar in Greece that doesn’t play this song on a daily basis. I spent my childhood in Greece, and have followed your career ever since. I didn’t think I could relate to your music any more, but when I faced breast cancer in 2022-2023, your song ‘I Run For Life’ helped me feel connected to a beautiful, supportive, world-wide community of survivors and their loved ones. When I completed treatment in the summer of 2023, I went on a cross country celebration roadtrip - I saw you play 4 times, and even managed to catch a guitar pick at the last show I was at!

Over the decades, your music and shows have brought me comfort, joy, and definitely a way to rock out. If someone would have ever asked me what my dream gig would be, I would describe this exact opportunity. It would mean everything to me to be able to help with your project, and I hope to hear from you.


Chris-Teena Constas


[email protected]

References from producers and musicians are available upon request.


Jane of All Trades



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