I'm Chloe Abosch, and I am graduating with a BA from Columbia University. I'm passionate about data analysis, market research, public relations, project management, and social media strategy, especially in the entertainment and beauty industry. I've interned at two record labels, where I created content in the form of reels, posts, and stories and watched online marketing trends to boost our metric and strategic goals. I recently took a social media marketing course at NYU Florence, where I learned to visually express and develop a brand's identity by analyzing the brand's core values. I chose a brand as my case study and analyzed it to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the brand's current marketing efforts. My passion for specific brands and entertainers has made me an avid social media user, illustrating how pivotal well-executed marketing campaigns are in nurturing the longevity of a company or artist and their relationships with their supporters.



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