Hi! I'm Barbara. I've embarked on an incredible journey that spans the music industry, wellness, content creation, and digital strategy. With nine years of experience in the music industry, I honed my skills in a fast-paced and creative environment, working alongside talented artists and industry professionals.

Driven by a curiosity to explore the human experience and understand what brings true happiness, I transitioned my career into the realm of wellness. I believe that holistic well-being is essential for individuals to lead fulfilling lives. This led me to immerse myself in the study of well-being, dedicating my time to unraveling the secrets that contribute to personal happiness.

As a content creator, I thrive on sharing valuable insights and thought-provoking content.

In addition to my content creation endeavors, I offer consulting services to individuals seeking to optimize their social media and digital strategies. With a keen eye for identifying opportunities and a deep understanding of various platforms, I assist clients in achieving their online objectives and amplifying their digital presence.

One area where my diverse expertise truly shines is in empowering musicians to thrive on tour. By combining my extensive knowledge of the music industry with my wellness background, I provide holistic wellness support to touring musicians. I understand the unique challenges they face and offer tailored solutions that promote their well-being, both physically and mentally, while on the road.

If you're looking for someone who brings a blend of creativity, wellness insights, and digital strategy expertise, I'm here to collaborate and make a positive impact. Let's connect and explore how we can create meaningful and transformative experiences together.




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