Libba was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. She has been singing since she can remember and has been involved in multiple musical ensembles throughout her life. She moved to Nashville in 2020 to fully participate in her solo career and develop her lifestyle as a songwriter. Unfortunately, the world had other plans, and in the time of quarantine, she developed and dove deeper into songwriting, and found the courage to release her own music and eventually perform live. Libba has enjoyed the journey throughout these past few years, and will be releasing her first ever debut album at the end of September!

Daily Music Roll says "She embodies an eclectic powerhouse with a shrewd and genre-defying sound meant to infinitely explore the boundless pop and rock sonic rabbit holes in an authentic and sometimes vulnerable way, as someone who has always held that insatiable passion for music and the dream to make a mark in the music industry in her own original ways, American singer-songwriter and performer Libba can’t wait to get started. She wants to tell her own stories using her voice and in ways that she hopes will connect with her listeners on a deep emotional level."

Her hopes for touring nationwide are ambitious, but in the end she hopes her music touches people's hearts for better or for worse! 




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