Shambhavi Mishra (b.2000) is a multimedia producer, director, and music composer, passionate about developing technological projects for the creative arts. She studies music composition at Carnegie Mellon University with Professor Nancy Galbraith and sonic arts with Professor Jesse Stiles and Professor Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh. She is an alumn of The New Music School in Kingston, New Jersey, studying piano under Angela Triandafillou, Marvin Blickenstaff, and Gary Madison. Through their guidance, she has performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City, NY, and premiered over 40 original compositions. 

Her pieces are influenced by a variety of world music and experimental techniques. Through her experience with the Exploded Ensemble, she combines various forms of media arts and electronic processing within her compositions to create an auditory and visual experience. 

As an artist engaged in the arts and humanities, she approaches artistic expression with an analytical mindset and develops technological projects for the creative arts. The projects she has developed capture the human experience in the form of music and film while portraying its connectivity with the digital world. 

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