Concert photography:  I wait for the lighting to sync with the musician.

It’s all part of my creative process. 

I love the high-octane energy I get from shooting a live show. 

Italian American girl, moved to Los Angeles 35 years ago. 

I have a love for the arts in all forms, especially costume design, jewelry making, mixed media and fiber arts to name a few.

Growing up in "Da Bronx" I was fortunate to be exposed to live theater and museums at a very young age.

I am passionate about photography in general. New York architecture and a "snow day" in New York are THE BEST!

In the past several years I have been focusing on my live concert photography.

Thanks to my son Justin, the bassist of Love and a .38, I started photographing  his band and the rest is history!

It's a never ending challenge but it is my creative eye that gets the shots! I feel the need to rock and hope I can rock some shots for you


Self -Photographer


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