I started my Entertainment Industry journey working in News at TV-55 on Long Island. I worked at Sally Jessy Raphael a nationally syndicated talk show. I was a Literary Agent and Manager for twenty years under FLAIR and Twin Forks Agency.  I know own a film production company Knight Quest Entertainment. As a child I was diagnosed with learning disabilities and dyslexia.  On a daily basis I struggle with both of these diagnoses.  However my love of story telling and the Entertainment Industry inspires me for greatness. After 36 years of trying to get one of my screenplays produced I look for inspiration from the mentors that I've had like Nora Ephron who stated to me after reading my script UNCIRCUMCISED LOVE, "You are funny and talented."  Richard Walter former Chairman of UCLA TV & Film Department who stated to me about my screenplay,  STANTON & ANTHONY, "The script is splendid, in my view.  Here’s a tale that movies do best, taking us back to another time and another place and rendering it relevant to here and now, engaging our attention at the same time as profound insights are provided regarding the nature of identity, especially as it relates to gender and sexuality." I am a single mom who raised five children  since they were 8, 6, 3, 2 and 1.  I left my ex after 11 years of domestic violence.  They are now 25, 24, 20, 19, and 17.  Two of my children are disabled.  My daughter Sarah has Autism.  My son Preston has a life threatening heart condition called Obstructive Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.  At 15 years old Preston had open heart surgery.  It's a genetic condition from the MYH7 gene. He might need additional heart surgeries in the future.


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