Bred as Lady Boursiquot, EYEAMKI was raised in the suburban town of Sleepy Hollow, New York. Making music since the age of seven, EYEAMKI had always known she would take the route as a pop singer. As the years passed through her adolescence, she started to absorb inspiration from her favorite artists including Michael Jackson, Prince, Liza Minnelli, Beyoncé and Depeche Mode. This sculpted her sound & artistry into performance art via the genre of Pop music; Alternative theatre with a dash of relatable inspiration. EYEAMKI is a message based artist here to inspire the world with impactful sonic artistry for all ages to interpret, learn and love. Listeners will be guided through her “play” of life with theatrics and her love for couture nerd entertainment. Her debut album approaches, her first non-independent release. Beyond her personal creative ventures, EYEAMKI curates jingles for brands and promotes them via cinematic 4k advertisements produced in-house by her team. What you get with the @eyeamki brand is a blend of traditional ad quality with TikTok virality.





  • black
  • queer
  • poc

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