Hello, I'm Chris.


Chris Castillo has spent the last 9 years as an in-demand audio engineer (studio recording/live sound/touring engineer). With a well-rounded background in business for art and music, she is continuously praised for her high attention to detail, integrity, and strong work ethic in fast-paced environments.  2005 marked the very beginning of her career, where she interned at Invisible Records (based out of her hometown of Chicago, IL). She utilized skills in merchandise sales and assisted as ‘runner’ for artists in town during pre-production for the "Pigface: *Free For All Tour". This soon led to assisting in tour marketing and street team recruitment for this nationwide tour.  Using this experience (along with her education at Columbia College for Performing Arts Management), she took on the duty of assistant tour manager, merchandiser, and photographer for a band off of the Invisible Records label. She also implemented marketing strategies via social media and nurtured the growth of their fan base. ​ It was through one of many tours with this band that she fell in love with the energy of New York City. She soon found herself in the heart of Manhattan, fully integrated in the music scene, not just performing (vocals, bass, guitar, synths), but also helping to promote the music and art events of her peers. All the while, she worked as a personal assistant for world-renowned tattoo artist, Paul Booth, at his Last Rites Tattoo Theatre. In addition to her personal assistant duties, she kept inventory of valuable artwork, maintained the appearance of the gallery, and corresponded with artists while assisting in the organization of monthly art installations.  Chris has kept exceptional flexibility in the music and art industries, which has added to her strong portfolio of work. As an audio engineer, with a number of projects to her name, she puts forth this energy and experience into every new opportunity that comes her way.

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