JUNO was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. After graduating from college, she began working at a drug rehab facility where her life was instantly changed when a 15 year old heroin addict shared his passion of guitar. With hopes of connecting with him, it transformed her life. It was from there that the spark began and JUNO became obsessed with guitar practicing 16 hours a day and posting YouTube videos playing her favorite covers. After attending Berklee College of Music for a short time, JUNO dropped out and started posting videos on YouTube full time. After a few months, JUNO was called to go on her first professional gig with Fifth Harmony. Since then, she has gone on to work with many well-known artists including Camila Cabello, Bruno Mars, Keith Urban, Erykah Badu, Machine Gun Kelly, Lady Antebellum, Common, India Arie, and Lizzo to name a few. In 2017, JUNO wrote and produced her first album, “Help is not on the Way” with a message of hope, allowing listeners to experience her journey of struggle and determination. In 2021, she was co-teacher with Keith Urban on the URBAN guitar education app, making history! JUNO is the founder and CEO of JUNO’s Guitar Bootcamp teaching guitar to over 400 students in 12 different countries. She runs the community "Soulful Sundays" every Sunday, teaching classic R&B Guitar in hopes to keep the genre alive. JUNO is currently living in Los Angeles California, producing her second studio album.


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