I am a versatile songwriter and singer. I've been referred to as a vocal chameleon. My style ranges from gutsy and soulful like Kelly Clarkson and Pink to airy and light like Phoebe Bridgers and Billie Eilish. I listen for what the project needs and replicate the vocal styling and inflection from client references. My work has been featured in several boutique sync catalogs. I specialize in high quality vocal recording, background vocal harmonization and stacking, toplining (lyrics and melody). While I am versatile, if you want 90s fem-rock, I am 100% your girl. As a bonus, I also play a number of instruments, and I am versed in arranging and production, which can be discussed project by project. I have a degree in music with a specialization in clarinet. You will get a high degree of responsiveness and professionalism with me. I am very easy to work with and take great pride in everything I do. My promise to you. I will study your references to deliver the sound you are after in a timely manner and drama free. I want to see your project shine just as much as you do.


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