My artists name is DK and I am an independent illustrator from Australia. “Everything Great Starts From Your Imagination” this statement encapsulates the heart of all my work. Over time, I have created an animated, eccentric and energetic style that is loud, vivid and diverse. I take a lot of inspiration from music, the punk scene and just a little bit of rebellious mischief. Music inspires me a lot. I need to listen to upbeat music to make me keep working and think of crazy new ideas. So I listen to a lot of Punk, or heavy metal when I work. If I listen to pop or something mellow, I’d fall asleep half way through a drawing. My daily life of my crazy family and watching the natural antics of animals, especially my very expressive dogs, create a lot of ideas for some of my eccentric characters. I love to capture the nature and fun of the animals that I draw, this in turn has developed in to creating a clothing line named “Party Animal Wear” which taps into bringing out people’s individuality and sense of fun, whilst enjoying a moment of unconscious revelry. “Show Your Inner Animal” is the catch phrase for this lifestyle clothing brand. I want to invoke emotion, with vivid, vibrant, eye-popping work, that is a visual feast, that may hurt your eyes just a little bit! ~DK :P


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