Musician. Actor. Performer. Certified Unicorn. “I COULD DUMB IT DOWN…BUT WOULD YOU GROW?” Sterling Victorian is the modern artist. Talent. Style. Beauty. Mass Appeal AND a Platform. She is not only an exhilarating performer and songstress, she carries a message that empowers her listener and leaves them feeling like they can and should do anything they dream or imagine. With influences such as NERD, Jay Z, MIA and Gwen Stefani she effortlessly weaves Hip-Hop, Reggae, and Alt-Rock to create a cocktail of music that is infectious and dance floor ready. If trap met kundalini yoga at Coachella that would be Sterling. She has both worked with and opened up for artists such as Cee Lo Green, Hilary Duff, Stacy Barthe, Fantastic Negrito, the.wav, Jidenna and Nana Kwabena. As well as had features at CRSSD, Coachella, and THOP Fest. Sterling has done brand partnerships with TOMS, AirBnB, Jungmaven, Afrohaus and Nude Magazine. Her song “Out my Feelings” was named one of GQ’s Best Summer Jams of All Time in 2019. Fellow artist Madame Gandhi weighed in and said, “We don’t have enough depictions in music and pop culture of what it means to be queer, femme, powerful, positive, and enjoying pleasure…This song is something fresh, different, and honest.” There is no one box that can hold Sterling, she checks most of them which makes her versatile and unstoppable as an artist. She can win over any crowd no matter how rugged or PC, no matter how namaste or ratchet. She is a true and consistent showstopper and force to be reckoned with.



  • queer
  • poc
  • indigenous
  • black

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