Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, pop artist, singer-songwriter, and producer Jasmine Crowe speaks to her audience about relatable topics such as mental health and addiction, all set to the tune of upbeat and strong pop melodies. Crowe took Grand Prize “Song of the Year” in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition with her 2018 single “Breaking Things.” After releasing her debut album "Symptoms" in November 2019, she made her first Billboard appearance, hitting #28 on the dance club charts with "Chess Game." Her music video for “Sky is Falling” won a California Music Video award in 2021. Following up "Symptoms" with a string of singles in 2020, she was featured in Artsy, American Songwriter Magazine, Hollywood Life, Flaunt Magazine and on Spotify's Fresh Finds playlist with her powerful new anthem "Red Flags." Currently based in Los Angeles, Crowe is a multi-instrumentalist skilled at piano, guitar and violin, and puts her talent as a producer to use, incorporating all of her skills into every song she creates.


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