Hi All! I am a singer/song person with a killer history in alt. music and punk. I am a visual artist/photog living in Los Angeles - love to travel, and co-create with others. My bands include L7, The Shocker, and Other Star People. "When I was 28, I thought I was too old, now that I am 56, I realize just how young I am." As a performer, I have had the opportunity to travel the world and have over ten commercially released albums, and the crazy thing is I STILL GET TO DO IT! I have also produced other artists, including "Ramones For Kids" (various artists). I am a student of Arts and Media at Antioch University, Los Angeles, and besides being a recording and touring musician, I have a creative consultant practice. As a Creative Director (Events Producer), I worked on various projects, from book launches to VIP event touring events, gallery openings, specialized software solutions, and business development. My most notable clients have been Weekly World News, Maine Today, San Fernando Valley News, Celeb Buzz, Black and Gold Agency, and Spin Media. INTERESTS/HOBBIES: I love to look at good code and design technical solutions, so I run a side business for select website clients with specialized security and hosting needs. Doing this allows me to keep working with servers (the kind-a computers that websites live on). I also spend a lot of time on Youtube (critical media video essays), studying for school, and gaming. I still shoot photos and digital capture when the mood hits, and LOVE art, art history, and the stories we tell about it.


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