Los Angeles based award-winning singer, songwriter and designer, Whitney Tai got her early starts working for over 10 years in the architectural design. As a native New Yorker, she has built interiors and brands for major fashion moguls, food establishments, restaurant groups, hospitality corporations and independents across the globe. After branching out on her own in 2017 to begin a boutique branding studio, Tai's primary focus is to continue being an ally to female startups worldwide, standing behind female entrepreneurs as they dominate the various sectors of tech, fashion, beauty, music and beyond. Tai's cinematic blend of electro-pop, rock, and alternative metal is powered by her nuanced, soaring vocals. After a more pop-leaning debut, Metamorphosis, in 2015, she reinforced this sound on 2020's Apogee. Tai has been writing music from age of seven. After losing her mother to cancer as a child, she decided to follow her creative pursuits and go for a degree in the fine arts. While working as a designer and a care taker to her ailing grandfather, he succumbed to a long battle with his fatal heart condition. Tai moved to LA to follow her grandfather's advice & not give up her dream, formed a new band & began booking shows. Tai states, “The art of storytelling through lyric, melody and visuals is a language I feel most like myself within. Even as a young designer, my approach to music was a mirror to my design work: composition, proportion, movement, hierarchy, balance, asymmetry.” Tai headlined at NAMM in January of 2020, the worlds largest global music conference & released her award-winning record, Apogee that June. It was produced, engineered, and mixed by #1 Billboard artist, Tim Janssens. Tai has performed and co-written music with Chuck Wright of multi-platinum rock band, Quiet Riot, for the release of his solo debut album on Cleopatra Records coming in 2022. Legendary radio programmer, DJ Oedipus of Boston calls Tai "an artist who defies categorization."


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