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I am baring it all. My name is Adriana and I’m the singer songwriter guitarist for War on Sunday. I became a graphic designer to create flyers for our preferences. People always loved my work and my photography. It was just a hobby to support my therapy….music. I would write songs to deal with life’s tough predicaments. I wrote a song called Little Bitch. I wrote it while I was receiving horrible messages from my ex. Back then you couldn’t block people so I would just have to let the messages come through and not read them because if I did ​,​ I would cry. They were so ugly. He beat me up so I broke up with him. He blackmailed me so I wouldn’t report him because he wanted to be a cop. He would show up to my 2nd job with the girl he cheated on me with. I would sing that song to myself. I finally showed my song to my best friend. She loved it and said I should start a band. I did. War on Sunday. She was murdered and her mom gave me her guitar strap. I still wear it to this day because if she was alive she would be there too. I showed her this song before I had lyrics…then she died so I made it about her. Was a song that I sang to hear but didn’t know what it would be about but knew it would say I’ll remember you…when she died I wrote that. The song​,​ Little Bitch​,​ that started it all and began me on this jamming journey. I created my own website. Hope you like it. Www.waronsunday.com It’s not easy being a women in music abut you paved the way…the Godmother….Joan Jet



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    Poster contest Joan Jett

    Poster contest Joan Jett

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