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Drum and Percussion Performance

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About Drum and Percussion Performance

Fiery​,​ bold hybrid drum and percussion performance for your special events & live artist performances. Contact for special rates​/​outside the Los Angeles area From the O2 Arena to Coachella​,​ from Madison Square Garden to Ultra Music Fest​,​ Neon Pony is a fresh​,​ unique Hydrid DJ Experience led by superstar Chastity Ashley. This female powerhouse Drummer​,​ Percussionist​,​ Vocalist and DJ has been an integral part of Duran Duran​,​ Kanye West​,​ Frank Walker​,​ Tom Morello​,​ Kesha​,​ Cypress Hill) to name a few. Now she takes her energy center stage as Neon Pony and the results are electrifying. Chastity built and designed a Hybrid electronic​/​accoustic stand up drum kit fully integrated with a light show and DJ Controller which sets her apart from any DJ on the scene. Chastity has a combined social metric of over 250​,​000 on all platforms. Chastity has been featured in numerous magazines including Modern Drummer and Drum Magazine is endorsed by Roland Electronics​,​ Sabian​,​ D'Addario​,​ Pro Mark​,​ Evans Drumheads and has been featured in AXS​,​ LA Times​,​ Tom Tom​,​ The Examiner​,​ West Coast EDM ..... Chastity is a fresh mix of Live Electro House​,​ Pop​,​ and Rock with an experience that will raise the bar on live shows for years to come. The Neon Pony has arrived. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8iY-H4chpc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anZpzMY9CII https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uV5hDHECkxI


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  • Gritty

    So happy to have you rock the Gritty stage!

    Gritty In PinkJuly 2022

Drum and Percussion Performance

Drum and Percussion Performance

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