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Tonight's Sunshine

Live Musicsold by Anastasia

About Tonight's Sunshine

Tonight’s Sunshine is a band based out of Tucson, Arizona and is fronted by Anastasia López as the songwriter, lead vocalist and electric ukulele player. They are a queer, non-binary, latinx individual, and speaks on those themes through their music. With an umbrella genre of pop/rock, Tonight’s Sunshine also incorporates a blend of punk, funk, latin, alternative and metal into their music. Every song finds a different style that allows for the captivation of large and diverse audiences with the aid of the band members’ insane stage presence. No one ever forgets Tonight’s Sunshine once they’ve seen them. WILLING TO TRAVEL, contact for more information. Managed by Steven Henao; [email protected]



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  • Alternative / Indie
  • Country
  • Electronic
  • Hiphop / Rap
  • Pop
  • R&B / Soul
  • Rock
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  • Asian
  • Black
  • Indigenous
  • Hispanic / Latina
  • Queer
  • POC


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    Tonight's Sunshine

    Tonight's Sunshine

    $200.00 to $1,000.00 / flat