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Book Eclectic​/​Club DJ (Vinyl or Digital) Sharon Like

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About Book Eclectic​/​Club DJ (Vinyl or Digital) Sharon Like

Hi! I’m a Los Angeles-based (trans-feminine) DJ​,​ with over 13 years of experience. I’m available to DJ vinyl or digital tracks from a number of less-heard genres. I’ve held DJ residencies at LA venues including The Lash​,​ The Monty​,​ The Friend​,​ The Spare Room at The Hollywood Roosevelt​,​ and Spirit House Echo Park. Most recently I have been a recurring guest DJ at The Line Hotel LA. I also co-host​/​DJ and engineer a live radio show called No More Heroes with Tony Knox on KXLU 88.9 FM Los Angeles– every Friday from 3-6pm I do not have a top 40​/​pop library​,​ but I have an extensive collection of vinyl and digital tracks spanning a variety of genres including: Glam​,​ Punk​,​ 60s​/​70s Rock​,​ Post-Punk​,​ Goth​/​Deathrock​,​ Classic Disco​,​ Funk​,​ Nu-Disco​/​Edits​,​ 80s​/​New Wave​,​ Hi-NRG​/​Italo Disco​/​Synthpop​,​ Industrial​/​EBM​,​ Electro​/​Freestyle​,​ Acid​/​House​,​ Club Classics​,​ Techno​,​ Electroclash​,​ Bloghouse​,​ Britpop​,​ 00’s Indie Rock​,​ World​,​ and more. I am happy to stay genre-focused or mix them together seamlessly​,​ whatever is best for you and your audience. For vinyl sets​,​ I can provide 2x Technics SL-1200s MK2 turntables​,​ a Pioneer DJM-900SRT mixer​,​ and a Shure Beta58A microphone (if requested). For digital sets I can provide a laptop with the same mixer and mics. I do not provide a PA system​/​speaker setup​,​ but if hired​,​ I am happy to help you look for a rental provider. My rate is negotiable depending on what equipment is required; please message me for details. I look forward to rocking your next party or event! Thank you. Music​/​Mix Samples: [https://SoundCloud.com/sharonlike]


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    Book Eclectic​/​Club DJ (Vinyl or Digital) Sharon Like

    Book Eclectic​/​Club DJ (Vinyl or Digital) Sharon Like

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