Information about INPINK

How it works

How it Works

BUYER - Contact a freelance professional for the service you desire. Payments are processed through Stripe and there is a 10% transaction fee. Payment is collected up front for the service by INPINK and held in escrow until the seller marks the service as complete. It is then transferred to the seller. 

SELLER - Once your profile is set up, you can begin posting listings for your services. Rates can be set either hourly or flat rate. You can post as many listings as you'd like. Many of our women are multi-talented, so don't be shy about listing all your services in a separate listing (lessons, gigs, producing, etc). 

There is a 10% fee on the buyer's side. The seller receives their full payout amount. We use Stripe to process transactions. Any fees associated with using Stripe are covered by INPINK. All you have to do, as a seller, is set up your payment information in your account settings.

Payments are collected upfront by INPINK. Therefore, a seller never has to chase down a buyer to collect payment. Once the seller marks the service as complete, INPINK transfers the funds to their account.