Born in Nicaragua and raised in Los Angeles, I spent my 20s and 30s in Los Angeles and San Francisco. However, my passion for making a positive impact while living a fulfilling life led me to trade the hustle for a quieter, more intentional lifestyle in Southern Oregon. Since then, my world has opened up in ways I couldn't have imagined. My life has undergone a remarkable transformation and contrary to expectations, the shift to a quieter, intentional lifestyle has not confined me but, in fact, has become a springboard for exploration and adventure.

Now calling Jacksonville, Oregon home with my partner Matt and our two chickens, Jose Jose & Jean-Paul, I'm committed to empowering women. My latest project involves being part of the Women's Leadership Connection Board and heading up the Mentorship Program—a first-of-its-kind community initiative aimed at boosting women's personal and professional growth in Southern Oregon.


Renatta Tellez Coaching for Women


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