Born in raised in Los Angeles, Izzy is the lead singer, rhythm guitarist and songwriter for the rock band, Jane Doe. The band’s debut album “Identified” was released in early 2019 (available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and Amazon), with a new album dropping in the spring of 2024.

Izzy is also a writer. She has written a variety of original screenplays
and TV pilots, including the one-hour pilot for “Repossessed” which she co-wrote with produced screenwriter Janna King, based on the popular A.M. Jenkins YA novel. The project was developed for TV by producer Angela Mancuso. Most recently, her one-act play “Compartments” has
been part of the collection of plays, “The Ho Bag,” produced by Breakdowns
Productions at LA’s Sherry Theater.

Izzy’s experience as a professional reader, development assistant and intern at companies like Muse Entertainment, Roadmap Writers and KKZCBO has provided a strong foundation for her all of her writing.


Jane Doe (Band)


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