Kya Karine, known as the Bass Princess , is well versed and fluid in all genre settings, from r&b, funk, jazz, pop, to rock, and she lovingly says that where Ron Carter meets Flea is where she'd like to be. She has a Bacehlor's Degree in Jazz Performance and with more than 15 years of experience gigging professionally, recording, and touring with artists of all genres, Kya is someone you can count on to elevate your performance. She is a regular member of Jazz in Pink, world-renowned female smooth jazz ensemble, as well as L.A. Dollz, a high energy rock power group experience where she also sings backing vocals and occassionally lead vocals. Other most recent artist credits include Brassroots District, Cyrille Aimeé, Syd Franklin, Pulp Vixen Band, and Buffalo Nichols. She can be spotted playing all over, everything from smaller Los Angeles clubs like Black Rabbit Rose and Harvelle's to big festival stages across the world. She recently became an endorsed Eastman Artist. 

 In addition to her time on stage, she spends a lot of time recording in studios; most recently she tracked all the bass on the new Dread Crew of Oddwood album. Her proudest studio work is still the bass parts she wrote for Band on the Moon's album "Reflections in a Two-Way Mirror," recorded with Lior Goldenberg, legendary engineer for artists like Allen Stone, Alannis Morrissette, and Luther Vandross. 

Kya also has experience as a musical director and a bandleader, managing several of her own groups including an instrumental jazz small group she calls Kya K. & Co as well as her own 10-piece Amy Winehouse tribute band, featuring original horn parts, reharmonizations and reimaginings of Amy's music. She is a proficient music copyist and is frequently enlisted to make high quality charts and sheet music for artists. She considers "home" somewhere between jazz, rock, and funk. but her versatility and undeniable stage presence make her a great hire in just about every setting.


Bass Princess


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