I AM JUST - ALEX MELO CRANE - Thinking and learning faster than many in the world helps me help others... Director of Marketing and Development With my photography passion and programming background I always loved to see how a creative can speak words and touch people without words. I am the first at many things in several industries while some disagree due to the technological changes I embrace. Social platforms bring people visually together to a small business owner selling a simple product to millions. As the marketing industry changes I research, learn, and at times teach what is to come. Believing in a person's dreams is a passion for me to help them obtain their dreams and goals- Presently developed over 900 Sites and 42 Platforms Editor- In Chief While working with many outlets over the years I ran into the issue the story was never told the way I gave it. So me being me and with the encouragement of my wife and family, I took the leap and used my skills to launch several news media outlets online. Dedicated to the Good News and help be the voice of the unseen. Every event has a foundation, every sport has more than just the star playing, every small business has a passion for what they do, and we are like books in a library waiting for someone to learn our story. Photography Bio: A Miami native, photographer Alex Melo, first discovered her passion for photography and photojournalism back in high school while using a Polaroid camera on anything that captured her eyes. Her twenty-plus years of experience in photography, graphics, and journalism, has made her not only a photographer but also an “electronic imaging artist” which is a combination of photography and creative graphic design. Today, she is well known, as an international award-winning photographer, earning Multiple State, Regional, and National Gold Medals. she has many signature techniques from being the first to paint with glass(only one in the world with this effect) to her grained black and whites. She has also received First Place for the Tampa Area Professional Photographers Association (TAPPA) Electronic Imaging Artist of the Year. Most of Ms. Melo’s images are registered as fine art prints in an international registry. Some are in museums around the globe. The most awarded image, earning her national recognition with seventeen awards is the limited edition, photographic art piece, “Carousel of Dreams”. Ms. Melo believes in giving back to the community and supporting the arts. One of her passions is to help future photographers, photojournalists, reporters, and designers of all ages to learn more about the photography field no matter where she is at. To Ms. Melo’s credit, she has taught photography, Photoshop, and graphic design to students who were unable to afford proper schooling all over the United States and International. Ms. Melo offers once a month an event that is called “Stike a Pose” in which she offers all types of subjects who can’t afford professional portraits a complimentary session and some edited images at no cost. When we asked why photography is so important to Ms. Melo she stated: “I believe in capturing moments in life and turning them into a lifetime of memories." "Teaching the world to help others and not see them anyone of a less personal but as a human-like we all are." Some of the Awards to Many to Lisy National Gold Medalist Photographer Regional, and State Two Time Gold Medalist Each Division International Award-Winning Magazine Photographer of the Year LGTBQ King Photographer & Photo Journalist of the Year Electronic Imaging Artist of The Year Three Time Graphic Artist of the Year Top Google Reviewer over 3.5 Million Views 2023 Snap Filter Creator 10.9 Million Views 2023 FB Profile Ring Creator 17.3 Views 2022 Insta 46k Followers Organic Traffic A.Melo - 13 Million Views Samsung, Apple, Amazon, and Google App Developer over 6 Million Downloads Certified NFT Artist VR and AR Branding Developer Marketing Analyst Help raise over 85k a year with art donations to various charities



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